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Midjourney Setup

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Midjourney Setup

Let’s go through the Midjourney setup and creation of your first images. We recommend you follow along as we go in your own browser and Discord.

TLDR: You control Midjourney through an app called Discord. Create a Discord account first, then join the MJ beta and enter Discord. Once you are in, get started in one of the newbie rooms with the /imagine [type your prompt here] command.

We'll share a video overview with text instructions below.


1 ) Midjourney works through a chat program called Discord. Go to and create an account. It’s completely free.

  • I recommend downloading the desktop client for easier use

2 ) Visit the Midjourney website and choose ‘Join the Beta’ 3 ) Now accept the Midjourney Discord invite 4 ) Now open Discord (if it doesn’t open automatically) 5 ) Select the Midjourney Icon on the left menu bar. It’s an icon of a ship.


6 ) In the Midjourney channels, find the Newcomer rooms. There will typically be several newcomer rooms open, with names like “newbies-108.” You can select any of these to begin.


Want to install Midjourney in your own Server?

I know the Midjourney newbies server can get overwhelming. Want a more focused way to use Midjourney? You can.

You can install it in your very own server for free.


1 ) Create your own private Discord server!

Scroll down the server column on the left to find where the "+" is hiding. And create your own server!



2 ) Find and click the Midjourney bot in the Midjourney server.

Navigate to one of the newbie servers on Midjourney. Look for the online Midjourney bot profile on the right hand column. Find the “online” Midjourney bot. Make sure it’s the official Midjourney bot and click it. Beware of DMs impersonating the Midjourney bot!


3 ) Add to Midjourney bot to server.

Add to server and grant permissions (if you’re okay with the data permissions). Then that’s it!. You can type the /imagine command to get started.


Watch this video tutorial from WPTuts if you want a video guide.
How To Setup Your Own Midjourney Server | Easy & Fast - YouTube

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