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IDR 1000.00

Ai Proof: Generative Ai Unleashed

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AI PROOF: Generative AI Unleashed

Greetings, Crafter. Welcome to the gates of the Metacrafters Academy. Inside you’ll find our tree of knowledge, now offering AI PROOF: Generative AI Unleashed. This course is your portal into the world of Generative AI where you master cutting-edge engineering and design skills. Start with Prompt Engineering Fundamentals for Text and images. Uncover the mysteries of Chat GPT and large language models. Design the perfect prompts to generate text on Chat GPT and images on Midjourney. Then, enjoy - Chat GPT and Midjourney for Coders. Leverage AI as a coding copilot and creativity engine. Overcome challenges, code faster, and build a front end, all with AI. Finally: Customizing Chat GPT with OpenAI’s API and Star Trek Data. Decipher word embeddings and layer custom data with the Chat GPT API. Train Chat GPT and design an AI companion as unique as you. What are you waiting for, young crafter? Come, take this first fruit of knowledge…and let's begin your exciting journey into the world of generative AI together.

Note: You must be 18 years old in order to use Metacrafters. In order to complete the course you will need to provide ID. Valid IDs will typically be issued by a government, and can include passports, drivers licenses, and other government IDs with photos. This enables us to detect cheating and fraud, assure employers that job applicants our talent collective are real unique people who completed our courses and assessments, and be compliant when we pay out crypto rewards.

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11 Hours

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3 Modules

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💻 Equipment

  • Computer
  • Browser
  • Discord

🧙‍♂️ Skills and experience

  • Experience with programming (Python, Javascript and/or React.js) recommended

📕 Courses

  • No prior courses required

Skills you'll unlock

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Prompt engineering for text and images

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Professional code and design using AI tools

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Launch a custom AI companion with OpenAI's API

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  3. Enrollment End

    Jan 1, 2024
  4. Class Start

  5. Class End

    Jan 1, 2030
  6. Estimated Effort

  7. Language

  8. Course Type

    Self Paced
  9. Quota

  10. Price

    IDR 1000.00
  11. Level

  12. Artificial Intelligence
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